The Legendary Phono-Cartridge

Also among audiophiles who are usually set to such points, Audio Note (or Audionote to some) is a firm that is held in inordinately high esteem, to the factor of what appears practically respect. The business’s (actually, companies’, yet we’ll concern that) items usually achieve legendary condition amongst enthusiasts, a condition that shows up unusual to most ‘outsiders’ not aware of the solemn atmosphere of the audio lover.

The condition of Audionote comes from one man. The Japanese Hiroyasu Kondo was an electronics designer with an enthusiasm for audio reproduction as well as songs, and also a fastidious method of functioning. Among the first designers ever before to use silver electrical wiring in audio circuits, he has actually commonly been referred to as ‘the sound silversmith’. Kondo San used extremely unusual techniques to design and also create what are still thought about a few of the finest sound amplifiers ever before made, as well as the earlier examples of which fetch amazing prices today.

Straightforward, but extraordinarily time consuming, amplifiers were created and also constructed, after that a huge amount of time was invested changing also the most small components as well as listening extensively to find the mixes that provided the best results.

Kondo, or Sound Keep in mind Japan came to be a major manufacturer of really low volume, special products. A couple of distributors were set up around the globe and, extremely abnormally, the English representative at some point branched off into their very own production under the name Audio Note UK. Today, the two firms create absolutely various line of product, though all with the exact same dedication to offering the best music experience. There is one exception nonetheless, which is the Audio Keep in mind Io phono cartridge. FInd out more by clicking on this link:

Many years earlier, Kondo had chosen that existing styles of cartridges were mainly not up to the requirements of music recreation he desired as well as accomplished, as well as necessary set out to create his very own. The design skills needed to create a premium cartridge are not to be taken lightly. The ultra-miniature building and construction demands phenomenal capacities, however this was no worry to the Japanese master. Not just did Sound Keep in mind take care of to produce a cartridge of extremely high requirements, they also included male novel layout features as well as the result was extensively well-known.

Ultimately, the permit to create the Audionote Io cartridge was given to Sound Note UK, and also the models have actually been in manufacturing since. Nearly distinctly, every cartridge is made completely by hand, and by the very same service technician. Consequently, production is unbelievably reduced quantity and also costs are as necessary anything yet reduced!

The units themselves are, nonetheless, genuinely outstanding. Construction is based around an incredibly powerful magnet, and a moving coil with a fairly small number of winding. The result is a very low result, which requires special transformers to be functional, yet a really rapid transient feedback and also a remarkable capacity to replicate music.

The Sound Note UL range additionally includes one entirely special cartridge, the Io Ltd. In this cartridge, an electro-magnet is utilized, with its own winding, as opposed to a dealt with magnet. Extremely facility, the Io Ltd required extra wires in a record deck tone arm, and additionally requires an innovative, exceptionally precise as well as incredibly low-noise outside power supply. It goes without saying, the price puts it way beyond the pocket of almost one of the most specialized sound fanatics, however the results are suitable amazing.

At the very top end of audio products, Audio Keep in mind manufacture for a very tiny minority of buyers. However, listen to one at work with a suitable audio system and it is extremely easy to see what all the hassle has to do with.