Drinks to drink com gelo!

The summer can be drinks, friends, and toasts. Some drinks seem even more convivial, isn’t it? Sparkling wines (especially roses) and white wines are the face of the station.

And you can make even more refreshing, some drinks to drink with ice can be appreciated even more in this Summer! The labels elaborated for this purpose are, in general, more encorpados, so, it is not necessary to fear that its taça is watery when the ice melts.

It has a better news: the versions are perfect in delicious and colorful drinks. But the mixology is a science without limits, therefore, we select five recipes with a lot of ice and flavor and with different bases.

Method of preparation

Place the limoncello and the wine in a large cup (or high glass). Fill with ice cubes and complete with club soda. Decorate with lemonade and serve to follow.

Method of preparation

Molhe a borde do copo com limão , passe no açúcar. Reserve. Mix whiskey, ice cream, sugar and lemon juice in a coqueteleira and shake well. Serve well frozen.

Way of preparation:

Better than a fruit shake in a single flake within the fruit itself. In this recipe, the cascade of melancia is made instead of an ug. Therefore, it is enough to throw the melancia tampa; to dig the polpa to raise the sumo (to facilitate the work with a liquidator, removing the first seeds);

then it is enough to acrescentar near a liter of vodka previously gelada (to measure it is of 1 measure of vodka for 2 of such); to coar before returning to the casca and to complete with gel. To take the day use ½ can of condensed oil. More sugar also works well.