10 healthy foods you can find in Masymas Supermarkets

As you know for sure, in iintoAsturias we are in the middle of the Championship Season and, until 12 May, we are moving through sport and healthy living. That’s why today we want to talk to you about 10 very healthy foods for our body. Let’s go!

Starting a healthy diet can often become a complicated task, especially because at first we do not know very well where to start or which foods are best suited. To help you, we tell you 10 very healthy options that you can find in Supermercados masymas de intu Asturias!


Grilled, grilled…. In addition to being one of the most valued fish and used in the recipes of Asturian cuisine, the bonito has many benefits for our health! It prevents cardiovascular diseases, is essential for good visual health, stimulates the immune system and, its contribution in folic acid, is essential for all those women who are thinking of becoming pregnant. How do you read!


The benefits of avocado are much greater than you think. If you are going through a stage of stress, you should know that this food contains a substance called glutathione, which reduces the effects of the hormone characteristic of stress. It is also associated with the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.


It is one of the healthiest foods out there. We recommend that you include them in your diet at mid-morning or snack time, as they will help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and, due to their satiating effect, will diminish your appetite. In addition, they have cardioprotective effects, thus promoting heart health.


In recent years the consumption of oatmeal has become very fashionable. And no wonder because, in addition to being very versatile, has multiple health benefits! It regulates the sugar in the blood, it helps to lose weight and to eliminate toxins of the organism, it is an excellent source of energy… An ideal option to include in our diet and that we can find in Supermarkets masymas into Asturias.


One of the most gastronomically appreciated meats in our region! In addition to having an exquisite taste, Asturian Beef is a very healthy food mainly for its low fat content, which also has a high proportion of omega 3 fatty acids. It is a food extremely rich in proteins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. All these benefits combined with its spectacular taste and the best cuts of meat that always have in Supermercados masymas de into Asturias, create an irresistible dish!


Did you know that it is known as the “miraculous fruit”? This is because of the polyphenols in the apple increase life expectancy. Put an apple in your day and reduce low cholesterol levels by 23% and provide for many diseases.


How do we like a rich dish of chickpeas, right? You should know that this legume has a lot of nutrients: carbohydrates, which help create energy, fiber, for a healthy digestive system, protein and a small number of fats and sugars. In addition, chickpeas are an important source of vitamins and their high fiber content helps prevent constipation.


Now that the summer is approaching the carrot will become your perfect ally to get a faster and more beautiful tan. Whether boiled, raw, liquefied… the carrot serves to strengthen the nails and hair, which brings shine, improve the quality of breast milk and fights stomach pain.


An excellent food also for the youngest of the house. Among its many benefits, we can highlight that helps form the bones and teeth of children, regulates intestinal flora and contributes to better absorption of minerals.

Have you tried introducing yoghurt in your recipes? In addition to dessert, can serve as a substitute for mayonnaise or as a dressing. Discover an endless number of possibilities in Masymas Supermarkets of intu Asturias.


An essential food in the diet of many people. Olive oil stands out for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels. In addition, it is a great ally of the health of the skin, since it diminishes the cellular damage and prevents the signs of aging.